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    Let me preface this by saying, no, I am not a white man here to “whitesplain”(Seriously with your stupid made up words.) something to you. I’m a black man. And over the years I’ve been called an African-American, but that bugs me. Fuck your political correctness, you’re black.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I understand it, when Africans immigrate to the US they don’t become African-American, they become Kenyan-American, Ghanian-American, etc. African American refers to a specific ethnicity, namely the descendants of slaves in the United States. This makes sense given that descendants of slaves in the US don’t know where in Africa they are from and instead would identify with the continent, whereas African immigrants would identify with the country they came from (the same way a Caribbean American would identify with Jamaica, Martinique, etc.). Because of the way we construct race and ethnicity in the US, people who are not African American often get folded into the label, but that doesn’t mean that the term can’t have specificity or validity.

    It may also surprise you to know that African American is not some made up PC term but one coined and adopted by African Americans themselves as part of a larger struggle for self-identification and determination. Feel free not to identify that way, but trying to throw it under the bus as some bullshit is lame. Nothing wrong with people wanting to affirm a connection to the place where they came from even if they only have a vague idea of it.

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