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  • Where was all the “empathetic” and compassionate folks when Joan Rivers said that Palestinians were stupid and deserved to die? Cause I literally heard crickets after she said that.

    Joan Rivers.



    She is a shitty person,.

    Her comments and remarks are not funny and very offensive and rude.

    But I will not cross the line by celebrating and being glad that someone is not well and on life support. That is ugly and disgusting.

    I always feared…

    Lmao boy shut up

    Some of y’all live some bitter miserable ass lives man. Like who comes fa somebody fa sharing their stories about depression and drug overdoses ?

    I don't feel bad for you. You shouldn't have done drugs. So stop reaching out the community for support.





    And this is why your ass looks as flat as a bored in your avi pic. Bye bitch don’t let the goodness of god fool ya. I will still find ya and latch on bitch yas. Good eve.

    And I will continue to tell my story bitch yas.

    I kinda agree tho. Nobody cares that this nigga almost OD on Molly. That’s his fault

    At the end of the day I’m trying to help from my mistake. Maybe your mother should help other mothers from hers.
    Basing off your avi your also a big mistake.

    Ayee at least my mother son not selling his sex tapes on the internet for a little coin.

    But you watching them though ……. You so fucking wack for this

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